Recommendations to take preventative measures for the persons, residing or staying in the environmental disaster zone, caused by emissions from “Tytan”

Due to the complicated ecological situation in the temporarily occupied territory in Autonomous Republic of Crimea and receiving the information on atmosphere pollution by the harmful chemicals as the result of activities of the factory “Crimean Tytan” and  taking into the account territorial proximity of Kherson region to ARC, the Head Department of State Procurement Service in the Kherson region proposes the following preventive measures to be taken:

– to observe the rules of personal hygiene (increase taking of hygienic shower, washing hands thoroughly by soap, careful eyes rinsing and oral cavity);

– to prefer drinking tea, milk with soda and butter etc to mineral water;

– to wash vegetables and fruits by adding soda and then rinsing them thoroughly in running waters and peeling them;

– to avoid visiting valleys and hollows – the places of possible sedimentation of harmful chemicals, don not graze livestock in such places;

– not to stay at the water ponds where polluted water tends to accumulate and not to water livestock.

In the case of signs of any symptoms of health problems ( bad taste in the mouth, irritation to the mucous membranes of eyes, skin, respiratory organs),  apply immediately to the health care establishments.

To get consultation is possible on tel.:  +38 (0552) 262643 и +38 (067) 3487727- Department of State Procurement Service in the Kherson region