Meeting with the students of Kherson State Maritime Academy

On 13 February 2019 the First Deputy of the Permanent Representative of the president of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Izet Hdanov attended an event, held in Kherson State Maritime Academy and organized by the Civic organization “The Tenth of April” in partnership with UNHCR Ukraine. The event was a Crimean students’ panel to discuss the issues regarding the exercising the IDPs’ rights and assessment of their needs.

The First Deputy gave an overview of the activities of the Mission with regard to promotion of the IDPs’ rights from Crimea and citizens of Ukraine, residing in the temporarily occupied territory, particularly the realization of the right to education. Emphasizing the importance of education in mainland Ukraine due to the temporarily occupation of the peninsula, Izet Hdanov stressed that any of the education certificates, issued by so-called “educational establishments” in the temporarily occupied territory AR of Crimea was invalid.

“Our state provides the access to education in mainland Ukraine for the citizens of Ukraine from the TOT of Autonomous Republic of Crimea by simplified procedure within the Program “Crimea – Ukraine”, he noted.

The Mission of the President of Ukraine in AR of Crimea within its power promotes and provides the comprehensive assistance to the citizens of Ukraine, who forcibly replaced or reside in the temporarily occupied territory.

In conclusion, the First Deputy commended the students for their conscious and active citizenship and wished them success in academic achievements.

“You are a talent management of our country who will work in future for the benefit of our state in Crimea”, Izet Gdanov pointed out.