Meeting with the officers of the UNHCR representation in Ukraine and civic organization “The Tenth of April”

On 09 April 2019 the First Deputy of the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine Izet Hdanov held a working meeting with the officers of the UNHCR representation in Ukraine and civic organization “The Tenth of April”, who have just returned from the check point “Kalanchak”, which they have visited together with the staff member of the Mission today .

Among the attendants of the meeting was Olexander Makcymenko, the Head of the Department for the Taurida Region Studies of the National Institute for Strategic Studies.

The issues of legal assistance, provided to the citizens of Ukraine, residing in the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea and IDPs were highlighted in the cause of the meeting.

The First Deputy of the Permanent Representative emphasized the activity of the Mission particularly in exercising of the constitutional rights of the above –mentioned citizens, including the availability of 24 –hour free hot line for the  citizen’s appeals, provision of free primary legal assistance, etc. Due attention was paid to close cooperation of the Mission with territorial departments of the State Migration Service of Ukraine and Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in resolving the urgent issues, raised by residents of the occupied peninsula.

The Mission’s efforts were noted to establish the administrative service centers. In addition, the need to improve the infrastructural conditions for the citizens, crossing the administrative boundary line at the check point was discussed,  including the equipment of the pedestrian ways, drinking water supply, setting sheds and establishment of nursery and first medical aid facilities. It was stressed that all other infrastructure should be developed in the districts, adjacent to the peninsula, which is, supposed to to serve for the needs of the relevant community after the de – occupation of the peninsula.

“It is a road to Crimea and we do not have to become like the occupiers who demonstratively build the check points allegedly “forever”. It is necessary to provide  minimum conditions for the citizens only to cross the administrative boundary line with the temporarily occupied Crimea”, noted Izet Hdanov.

That was also the opinion of the UNHCR officers due to their visit of the check-point “Kalanchak”

In conclusion, the UNHCR officers expressed their readiness to cooperate in humanitarian dimension in order to improve the information flow and exercise the legal rights and interests of the citizens, held hostages by the occupying regime.