Meeting with the human rights defenders of the civic organization “The Tenth of April”

On 11 September 2019 the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea Anton Korynevych at the working meeting with the human rights defenders of the civic organization “The Tenth of April” Olga Tkachenko, Elvira Zeytullaeva, Anna Naidyonova discussed a great range of issues continuously faced by the Crimeans when resolving matters of a procedural and administrative nature in the mainland Ukraine. Mostly, the problems they face are systemic and need to be regulated by the law, particularly regarding the registration of places of residence, identification of persons.

In the context of the entrance campaign 2019 within the program “Crimea is Ukraine” a special attention was drawn to the need of completing the list of the higher educational establishments with the medical, cultural and artistic ones in order to meet the maximum needs of the Crimeans in choosing their future profession. The possibility of getting secondary education by the potential incoming students from Crimea in the regions, adjacent to the TOT of AR of Crimea was also discussed, including distance education, preparatory causes and broad information campaign to be held during the academic year.

In concluding, the interlocutors emphasized the ways for further interaction and collaboration, inter alia, in amending the current legislation including joint undertakings with the involvement of human rights defenders, lawyers and officials of the regional public authorities.