Meeting with the Permanent Delegation of Sweden to OSCE

On 16 April 2019 the First Deputy of the President of Ukraine Izet Hdanov met with the Permanent Delegation of Sweden to OSCE headed by the Ambassador Ulrika Funered. The meeting was held with the participation of the representatives of Milli Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People, Crimean activists and civic organization “The Tenth of April”.

Welcoming the delegation, Izet Hdanov commended the Sweden Republic for its consistent support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Noting the fundamental importance of the whole –of-state vector to European and Atlantic integration, the First Deputy stressed on the need to improve the political and diplomatic pressure on the state –aggressor to liberate the temporarily occupied Crimea as soon as possible.

The meeting focused on the situation in the temporarily occupied Crimea, particularly on the issues of deep concern, requiring support from the international community.

Invited civic society and Mejlis interlocutors highlighted the cases of illegal persecution, harassment, threats against the Crimean Tatars, ethnic Ukrainians, including hybrid deportation and movement of the Russian citizens to the temporarily occupied Crimea in violation of the rules of international law. They emphasized the challenges regarding access to information to/from Crimea, humanitarian issues, particularly on medical service and so on.

In conclusion, the Ambassador of Delegation assured that OSCE in Vienne would continue to support the Ukraine’s chosen course and encourage partnership to cover the actual situation in Crimea.