Inducing the youth from Crimea to enter the higher educational establishments in Ukraine

Realization of the right to education by the citizens, residing in the temporarily occupied Crimea and maximum involvement of youth form Crimea to enter to the higher educational establishments in mainland Ukraine are the core issues, raised at the current meeting in the Mission.

The meeting, headed by the First Deputy of the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in AR of Crimea Izet Gdanov was attended by the representatives of the educational centers “Crimea is Ukraine”, state and self-governmental authorities, including the officials of the State Migration Service and the State Border guard Service.

Among the pressed issues, highlighted by the interlocutors were the crossing of the administrative boundary line, obtaining the IDPs’ card, amendment of the current specific legislation of Ukraine.

The results of the meeting were the establishment of the operational headquarters for resolving the urgent issues, improvement of the information entrance campaign via the education centers “Crimea is Ukraine”, addition the medical higher educational establishments to the above-mentioned program and development the ways for the students from Crimea to be involved into Ukrainian – speaking environment.

The interlocutors pointed out the need to coordinate and cooperate their activity during the entrance campaign period.