Meeting with the head of the consular and legal division of the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine

On 17 May 2019 the First Deputy of the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Izet Gdanov met with the head of the consular and legal division of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine Jens Kraus-Masse during his working visit to Kherson region to monitor the situation of IDPs and residents of occupied AR of Crimea

During the exchange of welcoming notes, Izet Gdanov commended the Federal Republic of Germany for its consistent position to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Discussing foreign policy in relations of our states, the First Deputy stressed on the need to improve international pressure on the state – occupier, to avoid the economic ties with the temporarily occupied territory, to prevent and combat the information Russian propaganda.

The interlocutors focused on the situation of the temporarily occupied Crimea, particularly on pressed issues, requiring legislative amendments in Ukraine to provide the full exercising of the rights of the citizens, residing in the temporarily occupied territory.

The cases were mentioned as examples of widespread and targeted persecution, intimidation and harassment against Crimean Tatars, ethnic Ukrainians, and movement of Russian citizens to the temporarily occupied Crimea, unlawful conscription to the RF armed forces. Hybrid deportation was considered in the light of repressions against the Indigenous People, rotted 75 years ago from the day of Crimean Tartars deportation, recognized as genocide in Ukraine.

Mr. Jens Kraus-Masse noted the inadmissibility of the violation of international rules and assured on steadfast position of Germany regarding unrecognition the attempts to annex Crimea and consistent support of Ukrainian chosen course.

In conclusion, the sides expressed mutual respect and thanked each other for the effectiveness of the meeting and agreed the framework for further collaboration.