We congratulate journalists with their professional holiday, the Day of Journalist!

Under the hybrid war, an objective, impartial information and free word are powerful weapons in struggle for state independence and territorial integrity.

After the Russian occupation in Crimea, the process of restriction of freedom of expression has begun, including elimination of independent mass media, persecution and harassment against journalists. The Russian occupying authorities take all possible measures to prevent the access of the Crimean residents to the independent and alternative media outlets.

Today, due to the work of the Ukrainian independent professional and social journalists in the temporarily occupied Crimea we are getting current information about the activity, carried out by the occupying authorities, searches and detention of Ukrainians and Crimean Tartars, destruction of the cultural heritage of Ukraine and ecological disasters. Such information is used to improve an international pressure on the state-aggressor.

We appreciate journalists integrating the Crimean content into the Ukrainian media environment, covering issues of the occupied territories in the Ukrainian mass media.

We look forward to and anticipate that return of Crimea will be high on the agenda of the Ukrainian mass media and will always be present in the information area of the European countries.