Congratulations of the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on Easter

Easter, granted by Holy Father, fills the hearts of tens of millions of the faithful in Ukraine with joy, strengthens belief in the triumph of good over evil and truth over lie.

Dear compatriots, residents of Crimea!

By real deeds and by God’s mercy, Ukraine is moving towards the set aim, going through obstacles on the way toward revival. Every day our state strengthens its internal and external positions by consolidating efforts to stand up against the aggressor, establish peace and resume sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, share the values of the civilized world together with the residents of the Crimean peninsula.

Persistence, faith and patience will certainly confirm the victory of Ukraine!
May the Resurrection of Christ strengthen the soul and body, give love and preserve the warmth in families.

On this bright day, I congratulate everyone with Easter and sincerely wish goodness, happiness, prosperity, peace of mind and God’s blessing!

Christ has risen!
Indeed He has risen!