Congratulations of the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of the birth of the International Children’s Centre “Artek”

The unique socio-cultural world full of unforgettable memories and emotions that are stamped in the memory of anyone who even shortly plunged into the atmosphere of the International Children’s Centre “Artek” appeared on the southern coast of Crimea on June 16th, 1925.

“Artek” is a health institution that for over ten years has the status of centre under the auspices of UNESCO.

One of the tasks of Ukraine and the international community should be actualization of the issue of cultural heritage protection on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Dear people of “Artek” of all generations!

Being involved in the development of children’s centre without exaggeration can be called a gift of fate, and at the same time high responsibility for the life and health of thousands of children.

It is thanks to your efforts, there exists an exclusive, special warmth of “Artek’!

May sincere smile and murmur of children always live in your hearts!

We are sure in inevitability of Ukrainian sovereignty re-establishment in Crimea and further innovation development of the International Children’s Centre “Artek”.

Thanks to all the generations of “Artek” who have dedicated and are dedicating their lives to our future – our children!

We wish you peace, love and prosperity!

Congratulations! Happy Birthday! Glory to Ukraine!