“Restoration of bus, railway and air services and water supply to Crimea are possible only after its de-occupation. It is a matter of principle, reviewed constantly”, Izet Gdanov commented to ATR Channel

Since 2017 the Mission of the President of Ukraine has been bringing up the matter on equipment of the check points “Chongar” and “Kalanchak” with the minimum facilities to cross the administrative boundary line.

First, the executive and self- governmental authorities should resolve the issue of establishment of legal passenger transportation and direct railway services to the stations, adjacent to the checkpoints. The issue of legal transportation on Crimean routs is closely related to the matters of national security of our country. It is unclear therefore the systematic inaction of the relevant authorities including transport control bodies, mandated to do it.

Lighting, mother-and-child room, proper road surface, water supply, sheds, sanitary facilities are the full list of low cost essential needs at the check points.


At the same time, Izet Gdanov is convinced that the administrative service centers should be located in the nearest residences but not at the checkpoints. The Mission is continuously working in this direction and concrete achievements are starting to appear.

“Moreover, establishment of permanent catering institutions, large parking lots, hotels, museums etc. is out of the question», the First Deputy pointed out.