Attention! The occupying authorities continue to spread the fake information on alleged absence of international isolation of the temporarily occupied Crimea

The occupying authorities in the peninsula regularly show their powers by spreading manipulating and fake information. This time it is about the visits of numerous “international delegations” to the temporarily occupied territory of AR of Crimea in violation of the sanction regime and the law of Ukraine.

The related news are fully disseminated by the Russian mass media, including English ones in order to spread propaganda about the alleged absence of international isolation of the peninsula and its attractiveness to the foreigners.

This year, the Russian and Crimean outlets published the information about the Chinese delegation led by “the head of the international exchange directorate of the Chenzhou University Tuo Zhou” had allegedly visited the “International Center “Artek” on 08-09 March. Tuo Zhou announced about the plans of the Chinese children and youth to come to “Artek” for rest and study Russian in summer 2019.

In fact, according to the official letter of the Embassy of Ukraine in the People’s Republic of China and the Head of the International Cooperation and Exchange Directorate of the Chenzhou University Lu Tzyanhua, the Chinese citizen Tuo Zhou mentioned in the publications of the propagandistic outlets was not only the head of the above-mentioned directorate but not even the staff member of the Chenzhou University. Taking this into account, Tuo Zhou could not represent the university or make statements on behalf of the university.

Also Mr. Lu Tzyanhua explains that his university follows the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese Republic on respect of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and adheres to the Chinese’s official position on this issue.

That is why, the information about the visit of the representative of the the Chenzhou University to “Artek” widely disseminated by the Russian media as well as the cooperation between the Chinese higher educational establishment and “international children’s center” is another fantasy of the occupying authorities.

It should be noted that the Mission of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea within its powers, regularly monitors the social and public situation in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine in Crimea and international events regarding the peninsula. The Mission informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the facts of possible infringements of the Ukrainian law about the order of entry/exit to/from of the temporarily occupied Crimea by the foreigners. MFA of Ukraine takes effective measures at the diplomatic level to prevent and combat such violations and actions, contrary to the national interests of the state.

We urge that all foreign citizens strictly enforce “Order of entry to the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and exit from it . The perpetrators will be held accountable in accordance with the Law of Ukraine.