United Resident Coordinator Office in Ukraine and UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission have published an informational note calling on the RF authorities in Crimea to adhere the rights of Crimean residents to affordable housing in order the access to social housing meets the non-discrimination principle

After a wide-scale illegal “nationalization” of Ukrainian state, municipal and private property in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the occupying authorities of the Russian Federation in 2016 initiated a retrospective inspection of the legality of social and other state housing, allocated to the residents of Crimea before the beginning of occupation. 

In line with the results of the before-mentioned inspection, the Russian Federation initiated at least 73 criminal procedures during 2016-2019 in order to evict persons, dwelling in social or other state housing, provided by the state long before the occupation of Crimea. Now, at least 45 cases resulted the decision on evicting without paying any compensation or providing the alternative housing. For instance, according to the so-called ”decision” by the so-called “Supreme Court of Crimea” the former teacher of the vocational school in Yevpatoria was evicted from an administrative housing in social hostel, where he lived together with three members  of his family since 1990.

 “Such actions of the aggressor state is serious violation of International Law according to which everyone is guaranteed to use housing and retrospective application of legislation for the previous period is prohibited”, said the First Deputy Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea Darya Svyrydova.

Learn more about the informational note at the UN (Ukraine) site.