Ukrainian education for Crimeans

Оn 12 April 2019 a first meeting on entrance campaign 2019 was held in order to resolve issues regarding the entrance of secondary school leavers and persons from the temporarily occupied AR of Crimea and Sevastopol city to the higher and professional educational establishments of Kherson region.

The meeting was aimed at bringing to the citizens of the temporarily occupied Crimea the information about the possibilities of entrance to the educational establishments of Ukraine as well as the work of the educational centers “Crimea – Ukraine” to be continued in 2019.

  • On 11 May the “Open Day “ is scheduled to be held by the Kherson State Maritime Academy for the applicants for entry from the temporarily occupied territories.
  • In June a large scale information campaign is going to be launched by the higher and professional educational establishments in Kherson region. The campaign is intended for the citizens of Ukraine, residing in Crimea, including a regional “hot line” on educational issues will be available too.
  • A print social advertising such as banners, placards, and flyers will be disseminated at the checkpoints on the administrative boundary line with the temporarily occupied peninsula. The relevant information also will be highlighted by the regional TV, radio and the official web sites of regional authorized bodies, educational establishments and social networks.

The Mission constantly contributes to proper organization of the entrance campaign for the citizens of Crimea. Currently it works to provide a status “public announcements” for the audio and video information about the entrance campaign, made by the educational establishments within the program “Crimea – Ukraine” and to introduce quotas for such announcements on radio and TV channels including those, broadcasting to the temporarily occupied territory.

The Chief of the Staff of the Mission Tetyana Pokydko and the Chief Consultant of the Mission Alla Raksh attended the meeting.

Note: according to the results of the Entrance campaign 2018, the number of the applicants for entry increased in comparison with previous year to 227 people, 66 of them entered to the leading higher educational establishments in Kherson (Kherson State University, Kherson national Technical University, Kherson State Agrarian University, Kherson State Maritime Academy).

Most students from Crimea study at the Taurida National University named after Vernadsky (University temporarily replaced from the occupied territory AR Crimea).

Reminder: the residents of the temporarily occupied Crimea can enter to 35 higher educational establishments in mainland Ukraine by simplifying procedure within the program “Crimea – Ukraine”.