Activity in the territories neighboring Crimea

On 5 November 2018 the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in ARC Borys Babin and his First Deputy Izet Gdanov held a working meeting with the representatives of the Main Directorate of Security Service of Ukraine in ARC, the Directorate of SSU in Kherson region, the Main Directorate of National Police in ARC and Sevastopol, Genitchesk Department of National Police, the Head and  Secretary of Chongar Village Rada and the public.

The situation of current economic activity of the entities, controlled by the former head of Genitchesk District State Administration Seitumera Nimetullaeva and who is now staying in the temporarily occupied territory and heads the entities that contribute to activity of RF authorities in Crimea was discussed in response to claims, addressed to the Mission.

The position of law enforcement bodies and the public on criminal proceedings to be begun was highlighted. The leadership of the Mission once again pointed out the signs of the state governance to be lost in some territories, neighboring the occupied Crimea

The Permanent Representative and his First Deputy have noted the need for the state authorities to act in accordance with the law and proposed the law enforcement bodies to enhance their activity within their mandates.

Following the discussion, the Mission will continue its collaboration with the central authorities to counteract the Russian aggression from Crimea, which causes a number of dangers in particular in Genitchesk.

Within the framework of the visit, the Permanent Representative and his First Deputy met with the head of Novooleksiivka Village Rada and the Head of Kherson Regional Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People. They discussed the activity aimed at the establishment of administrative service center particularly for the citizens of the temporarily occupied Crimea. The premise to be set aside for the center was examined.