Working meetings on implementation of the Plan of urgent measures

On 13 November 2018 the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in ARC Borys Babin and the Head of the Department of International Connections of the Mission Yevhen Samukha held a number of working meetings in Kyiv.

The regular meeting of the Working Group with the participation of the officials of the State Border Guard Administration, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Fund of State Property of Ukraine and the State Enterprise “Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine” was held in accordance with the protocol decisions to be implemented regarding the counteraction of illegal impact of the state-aggressor on trade navigation and other kinds of sea usage in the districts, adjacent to the occupied Crimea.

During the meeting, the above-mentioned officials reached the agreement on practical interaction to coordinate the solution to the urgent issues of Maritime Security Guard of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to be established and equipped along the Azov and Black Sea sides, particularly in the cities of Mariypol, Berdyansk, Henitchesk, Skadovsk, Ochakov and Odesa. In the context of establishment of new directorates of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the practical dimensions to transfer property, rent and treaty-making were discussed.

Borys Babin pointed out the Mission’s activity aimed at the coordination and support of the solution to the issues of budget funding for Ukrainian border guards to strengthen the capacity of maritime defense and protection of national interests of Ukraine in the Azov and Black Seas, as an important efficient component of our State’s actions under the conflict with the Russia, with its temporarily occupation of Crimea.

The meeting with the authorized representatives of Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine and Joint Stock Company “Ukrposhta” was held to implement the objectives of the Plan of Urgent Measures in Counteraction of Russian Aggression from the Temporarily Occupied Territory of Ukraine in Crimea, Protection of the State’s Interests, Citizens of Ukraine and Ukrainian Legal Persons in Crimea for the Period of 2018-2019.

During the meeting, it was identified the regulations to prevent the postal connection with the occupied peninsula, persecution of the activity of so-called “Post of Crimea”, procedural response to the actions of Ukrainian private postal operators and transport providers, who provide hidden services on delivery mail around via the territory of the Russia to the occupied autonomy. The participants of the meeting determined a specific algorithm for further achieving the objectives. The Permanent Representative provided the practical guidance for the representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and JSC “Ukrposhta” on protecting the property in the territory of the occupied peninsula via international arbitration mechanism and establishment the effective interaction with the Universal Postal Union and national postal operators of partner countries, supporting the imposition and implementation of sanctions against the state-aggressor.