Working meeting with the OSCE monitor officers

On 10 April 2019 the First Deputy of the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in AR of Crimea Izet Hdanov met with the monitor officers of the OSCE Kherson team.

The unlawful activity of the occupying authorities in Crimea, temporarily occupied by Russia was discussed with the representatives of special monitoring mission including a large-scale persecution, increased repressive practice and harassment against the Ukrainian citizens, residing in the temporarily occupied territory.

A special attention was paid to the unprecedented terror, caused by the occupying authorities against Crimean Tatars just on the eve of the first round of elections of the President of Ukraine.

In addition, the ecological situation in the temporarily occupied Crimea was discussed in the context of the activity of chemical plants such as PJSC «Crimean Titan”, PJSC “Crimean Soda Plant”, PJSC “Brom” including a large-scale excavation of sand in the territory of Churbash tailings ponds. The failure of the occupying authorities to meet the environmental regulations is a matter of grave concern and has a serious impact on health and quality of life of people, residing in the occupied peninsula and those who inhabit the adjacent districts of Kherson region.

Izet Hdanov noted that the Mission kept monitoring these issues and emphasized the importance of international monitoring to be done in the TOT of AR of Crimea including improvement of economic pressure on the state – aggressor.

“Together we are bringing us closer to the time when the occupier will be responsible for every its act”, said Hdanov.

Following a meeting, the sides reaffirmed their willingness to continue the dialogue and determined the framework for further collaboration.