Working meeting with the OSCE Monitoring Officers

On 2 November 2018 the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in AR Crimea Borys Babin and the Chief Consultant of the Department of re-integration and de-occupation of ARC Tatyana Pokydko met with the Kherson monitoring officers of the Special Monitoring Mission OSCE in Ukraine. During the meeting a number of issues were discussed, in particular the access of the residents of the occupied territory of Ukraine in Crimea to the administrative services, including the current aspects of certification. A special attention was paid to the situation at the factory “Tytan” in the temporarily occupied Crimea; an ecological status of territories, adjacent to the Syvash Bay.

The practical results of the work of authorities of Ukraine on detention of Russian tanker “Mechanik Pogodin” were highlighted, including the situation at the XXX Session of Ukrainian and Russian Commission on Fishery in the Azov Sea, regarding the liberation of the Ukrainian sailors, crewmembers of the fishing vessel “ЯМК-004”1and political dimension of their illegal detention as hostages in the temporarily occupied Crimea by the Russian FSS.