Working interaction with the Parliamentary Committee

On 23 November 2018 the Chief Consultant of the International Department of the Mission Valeria Pakhomova took part in the working meeting of the Committee on Social Policy, Employment and Pension Provision of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to discuss the provision of equal economic opportunities for men and women.

In the cause of the meeting, the need of equal economic opportunities development for women and men was discussed in the context of the amendment of legislation to protect the rights of women to maternity and increase the birth rates in Ukraine. The importance of the above-mentioned issues emphasized due to the demands of the international community to adopt a new Labor Code. In addition, the draft law “On Equal Economic Opportunities for Women and Men” was discussed and supported by seven special ministries.

The meeting resulted by the declaration about the establishment of Gender Chamber within the Committee and development of gender doctrine of Ukraine. The above-mentioned issues will be taken into consideration by the Mission to achieve gender parity in protecting the rights of persons from Crimea.