Working meeting on illegal activity of the State-aggressor in the Azov Sea

In July 16, 2018 a working meeting on discussing the illegal restriction of navigation and inspection of trade vessels by the state–aggressor while they are passing Kerch Strait to/from the Ukrainian ports held in the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. The First Deputy of the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine Izet Gdanov and the officials of the Department of the International Connections of the Mission took part in the meeting.

As well as the participants of the meeting were the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the State of Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, Foreign Intelligence Service, The State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety, Administration of Seaports of Ukraine, State Enterprise Maritime Search and Rescue Service, Fund “Maidan of Foreign Affairs” and others. Yuriiy Lavrenuk noted: “ The number of inspected vessels are increasing every day and today the current figure is 148 vessels. Every day the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine records the number of detained vessels for inspection by the RF FSS while they are passing to/from the seaports of Mariupol and Berdyansk. All recording data is sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

We receive the numerous complaints about the increasing of the number of detained vessels from the captains of the vessels, agents working in the Berdyansk and Mariupol seaports, the Seaport Administrations and the People’s Deputies. It should be stopped. In the shortest time a common position on further actions of Ukraine to reply the illegal activity of the RF should be elaborated.” – said Yurii Lavrenuyk. The First Deputy Izet Gdanov drew attention to the alternatives to be found for the full seaports activity in Berdyansk and Mariupol; to the immediate establishment of the State marine boundary of Ukraine in the Azov Sea and strengthening of the military guard in the sea. The meeting resulted in agreed common position of the State authorities on further actions and events.