Natural territories of Crimea: what has changed during the occupation

The article “Natural territories of Crimea: what has changed during the occupation” by Vlad Miroshnychenko, the chief consultant of the Service on Reintegration and Deoccupation of the AR of Crimea was published yesterday on 22 July. The article covers evaluation of the situation with the objects of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine.

Protected areas created to preserve unique flora and fauna are truly the most valuable natural areas. Two examples are enough to demonstrate their fate under the occupation:

The Crimean Nature Reserve was destroyed, it was divided into two parts, turning the largest one into a national park.

Military exercises involving the launching of rockets and the dropping of bombs are regularly conducted in the territory of the Opuk Nature Reserve. The water area near the reserve has long become a «cemetery» of shells. A similar scenario threatens other aquatic complexes, of which there are 14 in Crimea. For example, the aquatic complex «Chauda» borders with the same name polygon, which under occupation became the main base of training of Russian military.

National status is granted for a reason. Along with the status, separate own administrations and broader guarantees of the inviolability of the territory are provided. But of the 48 natural areas of national importance in Crimea during the occupation, 40 were illegally downgraded, which reduces the guarantees of their preservation, not to mention the development, Vladyslav notes in his article.

You can learn more about the situation with the protection of the natural territories of Crimea and specific examples and practices of the occupation administration of the Russian Federation if you read the full text of the article on the link below.

We are thankful to our collogue for rather interesting article which reveals the true attitude of the occupiers to Crimea and its nature. We look forward to his new interesting research soon.

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