Counteraction of violent colonization of Crimea

In July 26, 2018 the Chief Consultant of the Department of Legal Analysis of the Mission participated in a joint press-conference of non-profit organization “Regional Center of Human Rights”, of the Government Agent of Ukraine before the European Court of Human Rights and of the Deputy Prosecutor in ARC on accountability of the state-aggressor for the forcible deportation of Crimean residents form the peninsula. The core issues for discussion were the counteraction to the RF in settlement of the citizens of RF contrary to the International Humanitarian Law in the temporarily occupied territory who are the surrenders of the occupying authorities and the prospects of such complaints submitted to the international establishments.
Mission of the President of Ukraine together with the other governmental bodies work to implement the Plan of Urgent Actions on counteraction of the Russian aggression from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine in Crimea, of protection of the state’s interests, of righst of citizens of Ukraine and Ukrainian legal persons in Crimea for 2018-2019 adopted in June 20, 2018. The part 4.7 of the Plan provides for the development of the legal regulation of the status of the individuals’ residing in the temporarily occupied Crimea illegally and the legal status of children born in that way and the complex regulation of consequences of illegal extending citizenship of the state-aggressor to the citizens of Ukraine.