Book launch “An Ireland of anxiety: five years of detention in Crimea”

On 24 May 2019 the officials of the Mission attended the presentation of a book “An Ireland of anxiety: five years of detention in Crimea, organized by the Crimean human rights defenders in the Art Arsenal within IX International Festival “Book Festival”.

The book focuses on the main trends of human rights violations in the peninsula for five years of occupation by compiling a number of facts and reproduction of chronology of сeasure of Crimea

A vital part of the publication consists of the key documents on international and legal assessment of the activity of the RF in Crimea, including legislative acts of Ukraine, adopted due to the occupation of the part of the territory of Ukraine, legislative acts of the RF, implemented by the Russian authorities throughout the occupied territory, de-facto instruments, adopted by the Crimean authorities in order to occupy Crimea by Russia.

The book by Iryna Virtosu “Crimean Album: human rights defenders’ stories” was also launched during the festival. The book covers two dozen personal stories about the past, the present and the future of people who even having lost their homes continue their struggle, defending human rights in Crimea and those who stand up repressions in occupation.