Report presentation “Education for Crimea”

On 28 October 2018 the information and analytic report presentation “Education for Crimea, held by the Center for Civic Education “Almenda” took place in Ukrinform. The Chief Consultant of the Department of the Legal Analysis of the Mission of the President of Ukraine in ARC attended the event. During the presentation of the report, the head of the Center for Civic Education “Almenda” Valentyna Potapova announced that the applicants for entry were affected by a number of factors related to the propaganda and pressure of the Russian occupying authorities.

“We identified three groups of factors, affecting the choice of Crimean applicant for entry. The first one is the factor of propaganda and pressure. You have seen clearly in the case of Kerch tragedy where the massive militarization of the peninsula leads to.  The “hate speech” and the “laws of Yarova” are also playing their roles. These laws provide the age of criminal responsibility from 14 for dissemination of literature and information containing the “forbidden themes”. A number of such themes are included into the History textbook of 11 form. It means, even the availability of such a textbook could be prosecuted. Besides, the children should keep in secret their plans to enter the Ukrainian higher educational establishments from their classmates” – she pointed out.

The participants of the event were Lutsie Ganzlichkova – the Political Advisor of the Embassy of Czech Republic in Ukraine, Ludmyla Shchekun, the Head of the Department on connection with the citizens in the temporarily occupied territories of the Ministry of TOT and IDPs of Ukraine, journalists, civil society representatives.