Support for the students from the temporarily occupied territories

On 25 April 2019 the officials of the Mission attended the round table meeting held by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine on theme: “The youth policy realization to support the students from the temporarily occupied territories and IDPs”

At the round table the representatives of the civic organizations, higher educational establishments and students discussed the actual problems, facing the IDP students, including social, economic, legal and welfare ones in order to determine the mechanisms of overcoming such challenges to protect the IDP youth rights as well as their integration in the host communities.

The Head of the Department of International Connections Evhen Samukha told about the activity of the Mission in implementation of the educational program “Crimea is Ukraine”, including the cooperation with international organization to resolve educational issues and provision the access of IDPs from Crimea to administrative services.  He also noted that IDP youth was a particular vulnerable group and therefore required the efficient support of the state and their access to education was the basis for IDPs development and integration to the Ukrainian community.