Immediate information concerning internally displaced people

The Representative conducts monitoring of the data of regional state administrations and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine on a regular basis concerning the protection of rights and freedoms of internally displaced people. As of the 01st day of May, 2017 in mainland Ukraine reside/live 22823 residents from the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city.

65,7% (14997 people) from the number of forced migrants – men and women able to work, 26,3% (5996 people) – children, 8% (1830 people) – disabled and elderly people.

Most of Crimean people moved to Kyiv city (4665 people), Lviv (3585 people), Odesa (2043 people), Mykolaiv (1360 people), Kyiv (1217 people), Kherson (1209 people), Kharkiv (898 people), Chernihiv (869 people) regions.

In January-April of the current year 184 people moved from the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city and registered in mainland Ukraine but at the same time 150 citizens of Ukraine for a variety of reasons left the territory which is controlled by legitimate power. Mykolaiv region left 120 internally displaced people, Donetsk – 20, Vinnytsia – 7, Ternopil – 3.

Support and social adaptation, meeting the vital needs, promoting and retrieval of the rights of internally displaced people – these are the main issues solved locally by public authorities.

Since the beginning of the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula as of the 01st day of May, 2017 regional state administrations received totally 83941 appeals/ 8201 appeals were submitted in January-April of the year 2017. Among the concerns which were brought up by the residents most of the problems were concerning renewal and obtaining state standard documents by territorial departments of the State Migration Service of Ukraine; obtaining internally displaced person’s certificate; social assistance; employment; getting education.

One of the main concerns of the residents of Crimea and internally displaced people since the beginning of the occupation is obtaining migration services                    (70,1 per cent from the total number, or 58828 appeals, of which 5440 over the past four months of the current year).

According to the latest information provided by the Administration of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in Kherson region since the beginning of the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula 48442 (or 82,3 per cent from the total number across Ukraine) internally displaced people from Crimea, of them 4694 over the past four months of the current year, applied for obtaining administrative services in the cross-border region. Most of the appeals concerning: drawing-up, issuance or exchanging of Ukrainian citizen passport for travelling abroad (29859 appeals/ 2718 in January-April); pasting of photographs to the Ukrainian passport when a person reaches the age of 25 and 45 years (11199 appeals/ 1420 in January-April); drawing-up, issuance or exchanging of Ukrainian citizen passport (3285 appeals/ 83 in January-April), issuance of the document in the form of the ID card (684 appeals/ 462 in January-April).

Over the past for month of the current year to other regions concerning migration issues applied 746 citizens. Mostly – to the State Migration Service in Zaporizhia region – 261, in Mykolaiv region – 119, in Zhytomyr – 101, in Lviv – 76, in Dnipropetrovsk – 64.

The second most important issue is social payments registration. In the current year 677 people appealed for the issue of providing monthly targeted assistance for internally displaced people to cover their living expenses, including payment for utility services, for the issue of pension provision – 54 residents. 953 people applied for internally displaced people registration certificate.

Much regional state administrations’ attention is paid to the issues connected with education. Thus, since the beginning of the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula 4094 appeals/ 208 in January-April had been received concerning the issues of children’s enrollment to the pre-school establishments, regular schools, external studies, obtaining nationally recognized school living certificate, getting technical professional and higher education.

All medical, preventive medical institutions provide qualified assistance in hospitalization, medical registration, conduction of preventive medical examinations, vaccinations, fluorography examinations of internally displaced people. Upon registration at medical institutions immigrants are provided with medicines on preferential terms. Thus, in the current year to medical institutions of Ukraine applied 543 internally displaced people.

12377 people, 175 of them in the past four months of the current year,  applied to regional state administrations for other issues, including obtaining accommodation, land plots for individual construction, obtaining financial and humanitarian assistance.

A great number of Ukrainian citizens who left the temporally occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol apply for obtaining social services in employment.

Thus, for the period since the 01st day of October 2014 to the 01st day of April, 2017 1988 (33 in April, 2017) people from Crimea appealed to the territorial centres of the State Employment Service of Ukraine for employment assistance. 1555 people (27 in April) out of them were registered as the unemployed.

685 people who moved from the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimean Peninsula are employed (17 in April), 211 were involved in the social and other temporary works (8 in April), 248 were engaged in the professional training, re-skilling and further training (8 in April), 188 remain registered as unemployed and continue receiving services from State Employment Agency.

The greatest flow of migrants seeking employment is registered in Kyiv city (272 people), in Lviv (208 people), in Kherson (143 people), in Kyiv (125 people), Dnipropetrovsk (118 people), Mykolaiv (110 people) regions.

A large number of internally displaced people from Crimea are employed in Kyiv city (232), Lviv (164), Kyiv (43), Kherson (109), Kyiv (102), Dnipropetrovsk (93), Mykolaiv (86), Zaporizhia (69), Vinnytsia (68) regions.

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