New repressions against the “Crimean Solidarity” committed by the occupiers

On 28 October 2018 the representatives of the punitive bodies of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Security Service of Russia intruded on the regular meeting of the civil society association “Crimean Solidarity” and handed a “warning” on the prevention of violation of the law in the field of extremism and terrorism to the advocates Lilya Gemedgy, Edem Semedlyaev and  the coordinator of “Crimean Solidarity” Dilyavery Memetov.

Lilya Gemedgy associated such actions of the “security forces” with her professional activity, aimed to prevent human rights work. Consequently, the “security forces” in pursuing the advocates try to oppress “Crimean Solidarity”. The Internet resource of “Crimean Solidarity” was reported to be blocked as well.

The Mission of the President of Ukraine in ARC defines the persecution of human rights association “Crimean Solidarity” as the regular, gross, systemic and insolent human rights violations in Crimea by the Russian punitive bodies. After all, the actions of the occupying authorities of the state-aggressor in Crimea has gained the signs of terroristic activity against civil population and its advocates. The permanent gross Human Rights violations by the occupying authorities, particularly the civil rights to association, right to engage in occupation are appropriately assessed by the international courts and Ukrainian ones as well.