New Crimean sanctions imposed by the US Department

On 8 November 2018 the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department announced about the sanctions, imposed against a number of structures, controlled by the Russian occupying authorities in Crimea. These are the so-called join-stock companies “Sanatorium Ay Petri”, “Sanatorium Dyulber”, “Sanatorium Miskhor”, “Krymteploelektrotsentral” (“Krymtets”) and so-called limited liability companies  “Infrastructure Projects Management Company”, “Southern Project” and “Garant‑SV” together with the supervised entity «Mriya Resort & Spa».

The OFAC sanctions, imposed against “Krymtets” will directly affect the attempts of the occupiers to exploit two thermal electro stations, built in Crimea. The above-mentioned stations are equipped with the European machinery and use natural gas, stolen from the Ukrainian depths. OFAC explains that sanctions against “Mriya Resort & Spa” were imposed due to the so-called “Yalta International Economic Forum” was held by the “Garant-SV”, supervised by Russian “Sberbank”. Sanctions against LLC “Infrastructure Projects Management Company” were imposed due to the fact that it was this entity “purchased” the sanatoriums “Ay Petri”, “Dyulber” and “Miskhor”, stolen from Ukraine. The sanctions were imposed also against the beneficiary of“Infrastructure Projects Management Company” Vladimir Zaritsky, the ex-head of Missile and Artillery Forces of Russian Armed Forces. In addition, the sanctions imposed against Andriy Sushko, the officer of the retributive department of Federal Special Service, who participated in acts of tortures and others Human Rights violations in Crimea.