Innovation in External Independent Assessment 2019

In 2019 the registration procedure of the participants and the assessment order of the EIA results differ a little bit from the ones of previous years.

The participants of the external independent assessment with special education status who receive ( or received) education in the language not referring to the Slavic group of languages or in the language of the indigenous people now are provided with the reasonable adjustment to pass the EIA. It is a table of transfer of test points received by the participants of the external independent assessment for the tasks of certification work in the Ukrainian language and literature in the rating (on a scale of 100 – 200 points).


An adaptive level (lower than usual) is determined for such persons and all tests points are between the adoptive level points and level points will transfer into rating assessment “100 points”.


Besides, the persons, residing in the temporarily occupied territory of replaced from there in order to participate in the additional session of the EIA can file the documents as during the substantive period (between 5 February and 25 March) as during the additional period for registration ( from 3 to 20 May).

The relevant amendments are set out in the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 07 December 2018 №1353 “On amendments to some legislative acts concerning the external independent assessment”.

The Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment recalls that the EIA tests on History of Ukraine, Math, Biology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry can be passed in Crimean Tatar, Moldavian, Polish, Russian, Romanian and Hungarian.