Counteraction of illegal economic activity in Crimea

In August, 3 2018 the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in ARC  Boris Babin and his First Deputy Izet Gdanov held an inter-institutional meeting on implementation of the Plan of urgent measures in counteraction of Russian aggression from the TOT of Ukraine in Crimea for 2018-2019. The purpose of the meeting was to develop the common position on amending the legal instruments, which regulate the export and import of goods and services, including the strategic ones and dual-use goods among the temporarily occupied Crimea and the third foreign states and the states of single customs area or Free Trade Zone.

Boris Babin stressed on the need to develop the common strategy in accordance with the competence of each authority in order to prepare the proposals on amending of the laws of Ukraine “ On Securing  the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens and Legal Regime in the TOT of Ukraine” and “On Creation of the Free Economic Zone “Crimea” and on Peculiarities of Exercising Economic Activity in the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine”. The members of the meeting discussed the weaknesses of the legislation needed to be amend urgently in order to affect and prevent the illegal trade and economic activity of the state-aggressor in occupied peninsula.

Each representative, taking in account the current activity of the authority he represents, pointed out the gaps in the legislation to be closed to provide the full control and avoid the illegal activity of the state-aggressor. At the result of the meeting, it was agreed to prepare proposals on amendments to the above-mentioned laws to submit them to the President of Ukraine by the Mission.