Mandatory verification for IDPs has been suspended at the time of quarantine

 The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the period of quarantine temporarily decided not to apply to internally displaced persons the need to confirm the presence on the Government controlled territory of Ukraine, so that Ukrainians could maintain the IDP status and receive pensions and social benefits freely after the quarantine.

The Law of Ukraine “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine aimed to prevent the occurrence and spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)” ( for the quarantine period or restrictive measures related to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and within 30 days of its abolition prohibited:

the cancellation of IDP certificate on the basis of information about the prolonged absence (more than 60 days) of a person at the place of residence, which gives reasonable grounds to believe that IDP has returned to the abandoned place of permanent residence;

– suspension by “Oschadbank” of current IDP account transactions in the absence of physical identification;

– monitoring of social benefits made to internally displaced persons at their place of actual residence/stay.