Meeting to support the Kremlin prisoners

In July, 8 2018 the officials of the Mission participated in the meeting to support the Kremlin prisoners held in Maidan Nezalezhnist in Kyiv. The Mission supports the release of all the Kremlin political prisoners and does its possible within its mandate to provide any assistance to the political prisoners and the members of their families, in particular the humanitarian assistance, exercising their rights to obtain the administrative services in the mainland Ukraine. The main purpose of the event is to release Ukrainian detainees in Russian Federation, among them Oleg Sentsov and Mykola Karpjuk. Oleg Sentsov in his last letter demanded to release all the prisoners. Oleg began a hunger strike in protest against the actions of the Kremlin authorities who detain the Ukrainians under the false accusations. The next rmeeting to support the political prisoners is scheduled to be held on the 13th of July 2018.