Crimean topic in the Ukrainian mass media

On April,11 the Chief Consultant of the Department of International Connections of the Mission Valeria Pakhomova took part in Media Forum devoted to the 135th anniversary of the first Crimean Tatar newspaper “Terciman” edition. The participants of the forum were the Head and the members of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People, Tatars’ public activist and political detainer Rafis Kashapov, the members of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting, the chairman of the “Crimean Radio Communities” Supervisory Board, the editor-in-chief of the project “Crimea. Realia”, the programmer-director of the Crimean House, the editor-in-chief of the Internet-edition “QHA”, General Director of the National Newspaper Magazine Publishing House, General Director of Radio “Hayat” Gayana Yuksel, Editor in chief of radio “Crimea the Realities”, Chairman of the Board of the PJSC “NSTU”, journalists, media experts, bloggers and civil activists.

The event was organized in the framework of three blocks: television, radio, print and online media. During the Forum it was discussed the integration of Crimean theme into the Ukrainian media and highlighted the problems of the occupied territories in Ukrainian print and online media. As the result of the meeting an agreement was reached to intensify the cooperation in highlighting the Crimean theme by the leading Ukrainian media.