Crimea in Kherson information area

On 28 February 2019 a round –table discussion has been held in Kherson  to present the analytical report  “Information area of Kherson region: status, problems and approaches of improvement”. The Chief Consultants of the Mission Sergiy Skrypnyk and Alla Ruksha attended the event.

Some parts of the report, submitted by the experts of the Ukrainian foundation of the studio security, were focused on the districts, bordering with the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula such as Scadovsky, Kalanchatsky, Genitchesky, Novotroitsky, Chaplynsky. The experts notes that these districts are the most vulnerable to the effects of Russian propaganda and fake news.

A number of recommendations were prepared based on the results of the study, including the work on recognition as illegal the development of ground sites of television and radio network and further exploitation of radiofrequency resource of RF in the TOT of AR of Crimea; establishment of regional platform “One voice”; provision of cell coverage G4 in the region area; usage of SMS communication for the persons near the check-points to inform them with the important information, particularly regarding the provision of administrative services, education and medical care and so on.

It should be noted that last year in September the Mission considered the issue on freedom of speech and information policy in the TOT of AR of Crimea on two special Committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In addressing these issues, the Mission proposed:

  • to counter the illegal tele and radio broadcasting outside the TOT of Ukraine in Crimea, to the adjacent districts of Kherson region;
  • provision of tele and radio broadcasting from the territory of Kherson region to the TOT of Ukraine in Crimea;
  • to make it possible the creation online and printed publication for Crimeans;
  • to take measures on restriction of access to the web-sites of the occupying authorities and other web resources on the Internet;
  • to implement the efficient, complex and legal persecution of companies, which facilitate in providing fixed and wireless communication in Crimea;

The Committees supported and approved our proposals with the recommendations to be made to the relevant state authorities and organizations and now we are awaiting their implementation. The Mission’s work in this direction continues.