When Euromaidan started in Kyiv on November 21, 2013, other regions of Ukraine joined it. Including the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. Crimean activists marched with Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar and European flags on the main squares of the cities of the peninsula: Yalta, Kerch, Simferopol, Yevpatoria, Bakhchisaray and Sevastopol

The movement “Euromaidan-Crimea” was born on the peninsula. The first action in support of the country’s European choice was organized in Crimea on November 24, 2013. The rallies took place regularly and were aimed at uniting Crimean people, telling about the events in Kyiv and why Ukraine’s European course is important. The largest and most powerful protests took place near the Verkhovna Rada in Simferopol.

Now Russian propaganda is trying to spread fakes, claiming that “Crimea never supported Euromaidan”, although the Crimean people, on the contrary – until the military aggression of the Russian Federation – fought for the right to live in a democratic European country. The stories of many Crimean activists are twice tragic. After all, many Crimean Tatars as children returned to their historical homeland from the deportation conducted by the Soviet government, and were not afraid to re-state their position and support the choice of the Ukrainian people. Realizing the risks, the Crimean people went out to protest. Many came to Kyiv and were on the main square of the Revolution.

Today we remember the year when the countdown of the national consciousness of Ukraine began. Today we celebrate the day of the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity, the Day of Dignity and Freedom Dignity and Freedom Day.

We believe that soon the people in Crimea will be able to go out again on the main streets of their cities, remembering the stories, sipping a cup of hot Crimean tea from a thermos and with dried apricots in their pockets.