To the attention of the citizens from the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The CALENDER for an additional session of the HEE in 2019

You can register to undergo the independent evaluation testing during the additional session until 20 May.

To register it will be enough to be enrolled in any school of Ukraine by any form of training (full – time, evening, remote, external etc.). The set of documents should including the application,, which confirms the persons’ right to register in additional period, written in arbitrary manner.

The citizens of Ukraine, residing in the temporarily occupied territory of AR of Crimea who unable to send the registration documents by mail, must send scan copies of photos including other necessary documents by the e-mail of the relevant regional center within deadline.

If the person can not point out the address in Ukraine to get a message, the information on the registration results will be sent to person’s e-mail address. In that case, the certificates on the independent evaluation testing will be stored in regional center and they can be taken away in any convenient time or the person can get it personally at IET station while passing the first test.


The additional session runs from 26 June until 12 July.

The additional session results are announced  until 18 July.

Each registered actor can pass tests on no more than four subjects.


Information (an invitation) about the time and place of the additional session is available on the home page of the IET participants no later than 5 days before the additional session on relevant subject testing begins.

It is important! The IET participant must come in time to IET station, having the IET certificate and registration document.

More information is available on  the Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment site:…/zno-2019-dodatkovyj-period-rey…/…