On issue of the transitional justice during the de-occupation

On 21 September 2018 the Head of the Department of International Connections of the Mission Yevhen Samuha took part in the founding meeting of the Coordinative Council on the Development of Legislative Proposals for the Implementation of Transitional Justice initiated by the Human Rights Commissioner of Verkhovna Rada in order to protect the victims of Russian aggression in AR Crimea, Sevastopol, Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

The meeting was headed by the Representative of the Human Rights Commissioner on Partnership with the Civil Society Organizations Andrey Mamalyga under the participation of the People’s Deputies of Ukraine Igor Lapin and Sergiy Visotsky, officials of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs, Ministry of Social Policy, General Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and representatives of the Human Rights civil organizations (“Force of Law”, “Opora”, “Ukrainian Helsinki Union”).

Goals, functions, establishment order and activity of the Coordinative Council and usefulness of its establishing within the working groups on the directions of criminal justice were discussed in the context of prosecution traitors and collaborators, compensation, provided for victims of Russian aggression. Attention was paid to the institutional reforms implementation during the de-occupation and restoration of historic truth in the liberated territories.

Yevhen Samuha expressed the Mission’s readiness to participate in the activity of the Coordinative Council and reiterated the need for including the representatives of Crimean Tatar People to the Council. He pointed out the tasks of the Plan of Urgent Measures on Counteraction of Russia’s Aggression from the Temporarily Occupied Territory in Crimea, Protection of the Interests of State, Citizens of Ukraine and Ukrainian Legal Persons in Crimea for the 2018-2019 in the spheres of international connections, internal legal policy, management, protection of rights of the IDP and others victims of the conflict, implemented by the Mission.