Anton Korynevych:Ukraine appreciates international support of sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state

During a discussion panel on: “What a Dialogue on the Future of Crimea Should be Like: An International Platform to Discuss a Model for De-occupying the Peninsula”, Anton Korynevych noted that Ukraine appreciated international support of sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state , which came first of all through the United Nations General Assembly Resolution in 2014, geared towards supporting of territorial integrity of Ukraine and which became a real basis for non-recognition throughout the world, clearly identifying that “Crimea is Ukraine”. Moreover, that axiom did not require proof.

The Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea pointed that the international community did not recognize the jurisdiction of the occupying authority in Crimea, including power, exercised in the temporarily occupied territory. Undoubtedly, such non-recognition is enhanced by the implementation of sanctions, imposed by the international community, international organizations, foreign states against legal and physical persons, involved into the occupation of Crimea and human rights violations in the peninsula.

“We support non-governmental organizations which document human rights violations, crimes of war and monitor the situation in the temporarily occupied Crimea as well as we provide assistance to families of political prisoners and human rights victims”, the Permanent Representative added.

Anton Korynevych is confident that the issue of occupation of Crimea is not just the issue of Ukraine. It’s the issue of war, occupation in Europe therefore it’s important that dialogue on all issues and challenges to be held with international partners.

“It is very important to ensure international support of Ukrainian resistance in Crimea which is mostly represented by the Crimean Eparchy of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the Bishop Klyment who stands for the rights of his congregation and the believers’ rights”, Anton Korynevych emphasized.

It is necessary to counteract the challenges of military conflict, that’s why in August 2019 the President of Ukraine established a Legal Reform Commission, which is engaged in developing of nNational Conception of Transitional Justice as well. As Anton Korenevych notes, the work of the Commission is ongoing and the members of the working group will be grateful for the assistance and support of international partners in creating and finalizing this project.

Moreover, there is a need for institutional dialogue on creation of platform or forum to discuss the Crimean issues.

In conclusion, Anton Korynevych said, that support of international partners was important for the unity of the Crimean Tatar People in their struggle against brutal human rights violations of the representatives of the Indigenous People, residing in Crimea.