“It is through youth we can return Crimea”, said Anton Korynevych

The biggest challenge in Crimea is freedom of speech, opinion and self-identity. Every day living under pressure, we feel no longer to express what we think, feel. Residing in Crimea, we, indeed, for the entire world, agree with the silent occupation. We simply cannot utter what we think because the center “E” comes and knocks on the door for tomorrow, and nobody can be ready for this…”, one of the members of the all Ukrainian youth forum “The world through the youth’s eyes”,  wrote in his questionnaire. The Forum has launched today in Irpin city, near Kyiv

120 young activists, including 25 ones from Crimea had a nice chance to get more information about the situation in Crimea, and through a dialogue with the participants, representing authority and civic society facilitate the resolving of youth problems and increase their knowledge in media literacy, including enhancing interaction between the Ukrainian and Crimean Tartar youth.

Anton Korynevych noted that youth was our future and it had to know all truth about the occupation of Crimea by Russia. He stressed that not all had come to the side of the enemy and not all were the traitors. “ I would like you, our youth, to be more like Oleg Sentsov, Volodymyr Balukh, our sailors and other Kremlin detainers, imprisoned in Russia. It is important for the youth to understand that it is ordinary people, loving their Motherland defend it. We all together must defend the truth, Ukrainian independence and freedom. We all together must do all our possible to return Crimea home. That is why such events are extremely important for us, where we can get together and discuss such serious things, which are very important for us. “It is through youth we can return Crimea”, the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea said, addressing to youth.