On 29 September, Ukraine and the world honour the memory of the victims of Babyn Yar. On 29-30 September 1941, the Nazis shot more than 33,000 Kiev Jews in the center of Kiev. Before the liberation of the city from the Nazis in 1943, tens of thousands of Ukrainians, Jews, Gypsies and other nationalities died in Babyn Yar.

The team of the Office of the President of Ukraine in the Republic of Crimea joins in commemorating the victims of Babyn Yar and works daily to ensure that the occupation ceases to be the reality of life of several million Ukrainian today – in Crimea and on the Donbass.

Photo: 29 September 1941. Kiev residents are going to Babyn Yar. The German officer who made the photo signed it: “The Jewish Last Earthly Way”. Project “Kiev photo album” from the collection of Stefan Mashkevich.

Details about the “way of death” in the article “Historical Truth”