On 26 June, at the checkpoint “Kalanchak”  the Crimean Tartar Flag has been raised at the administrative boundary line with the temporarily occupied Crimea

During the ceremony of raising the Flag, Izet Gdanov noted that nowadays the Flag became a symbol of the struggle of Crimean Tartars for their freedom, will and right to live in their own houses in their native land, in Ukrainian Crimea.

“I am confident that Crimea will be liberated and there will be two flags flying at each checkpoint: the state flag of Ukraine and the Crimean Tartar’s one and the occupiers will be held accountable for the crimes, committed in Crimea. Ukraine will never forget those killed and injured during the armed Russian aggression, the attempt of occupation of the peninsula, 24 arrested Ukrainian sailors, more than 100 political detainers, 170 Crimean children, growing up without parents”, said the First Deputy of the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in AR of Crimea.