On 24 November 2020 at the discussion on reintegration, held within the Forum “Dialogues about reforms: on the road to Vilnus”, the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea Anton Korynevych paid attention to the transitional justice, as an important element of reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories and returning them to the Ukrainian cultural and political environment.

 “Integration of the transitional justice elements into Ukrainian legislation is not only of world’s practice of transition from war to peace without which no active phase of the armed conflict has ended, but also a pointer to the authorities on how to proceed during a difficult period on the road to peace and the protection of war victims. De-occupation and reintegration are not only peaceful agreements. It is consequent humanitarian, economic and cultural policy related to our territories and citizens. We can make the road of Ukraine to peace systemic and irreversible by introducing the transitional justice elements in order to protect the victim’s rights and to prevent the recurrence of violations of our territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty”, the Permanent Representative of the president of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea Anton Korynevych noted.