Education  campaign is going on!

Just to remind the young people from Crimea that “diplomas” and other “educational certificates” issued in the temporarily occupied territory of AR of Crimea are recognized and are considered to be illegal as in Ukraine and abroad.

35 Ukrainian  higher educational establishments are waiting for you and you can enter there by simplified procedure within the program “Crimea is Ukraine”. “Education  campaign is going on!”

International Forum “United by the Flag  #LIBIRATECRIMEA”

On 26 June 2019 the international forum “United by the Flag  #LIBIRATECRIMEA” has been held in the conference hall of the Kyiv State Administration on the occasion of the Day of the Crimean Tartar Flag. The even has brought together the People’s Deputies of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, foreign diplomats, the members of Mejlis of Crimean Tartar People, officials of the Mission, social actors and activists of international movement #LIBIRATECRIMEA from all over the world. The Crimean Tartar Resource Center and Mejlis of Crimean Tartar People were involved in arrangements of the event with the support of the Kyiv State Administration. “International Forum “United by the Flag  #LIBIRATECRIMEA””